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What is considered discrimination in the workplace in California?

Discrimination can be defined as a significant difference between two or more employees, which results from an illegal basis such as language, culture, appearance, physical ability, and race. This may lead to lower pay rates if not treated. To learn more about racial discrimination law visit our website.  The definition may also be applied to the hiring process, promotion opportunities, and termination of an employee. Moreover, it applies not only to a single person but also to a group or collective level.

It is illegal for anyone to discriminate against an individual in a work environment because of their race, religion or color. For instance, if all candidates have similar qualifications and one of them is chosen because of his/her race, this would be considered racial discrimination. Furthermore, the person may have been excluded from being considered for a position at work due to their culture or language.


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We can help by determining if there was an intention to discriminate, even if no discrimination occurred. For example, a manager or supervisor may have different expectations of one race or culture than another leading them to judge their employees based on stereotypes.


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