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What can be put into a post-judgment agreement?


A post-judgment agreement can cover a variety of topics, including child support, spousal support, medical expenses, division of property and assets, tax issues and other matters related to the marital relationship. If one spouse wants to change certain terms of the original divorce decree such as payment amounts or timelines for payments due under an alimony or child support order, they may need to go through a post-judgment agreement.


This document should be signed by both parties and must be approved by the court in order for it to be legally binding. It is important to have an experienced Totowa post judgement agreement attorney familiar with these agreements to ensure that all conditions are met before the agreement is finalized. An attorney can also help ensure that the agreement is fair and equitable to both parties, as well as in compliance with any applicable laws or regulations. With the right legal counsel, a post-judgment agreement can provide both parties with peace of mind knowing they have reached a mutually beneficial arrangement.


In short, a post-judgment agreement is an important document that should be taken seriously. Working with a knowledgeable Totowa post judgement agreement attorney can help ensure that the agreement is properly drafted, legally binding and beneficial to both parties.


With their expert guidance, you can rest assured that your post-judgment agreement will be comprehensive and enforceable in court. Don't leave it to chance – contact The Law Office of Erin L. Thompson, LLC a Totowa family law firm today and get the help you need.

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