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It is worth remembering that there are no provisions requiring that maintenance be determined at a certain amount. Each case is examined individually by the court and everything depends on the justified needs of the person entitled to receive maintenance and earning opportunities. Separation and divorce in Chicago.


The main difference between divorce and separation is the fact that separation does not dissolve a marriage. Spouses do not have the right to marry. The existence of an obligation of mutual help – if it is justified. Judgment by the court of separation (legal separation) causes the separation of property between the spouses. The emergence of property separation results in the fact that each spouse can independently dispose of his budget and there is no obligation to consult financial decisions with the other spouse. However, this applies to property and funds collected after the separation judgment. You may need to hire a Chicago divorce lawyer for your case.


When is separation unacceptable? As in the case of a divorce, a separation order is not admissible if, as a result, the welfare of the joint minor children of the spouses would suffer. Separation can also not be adjudicated if it would be contrary to the rules of social coexistence, e.g. a serious illness of one of the spouses. Katz & Stefani, LLC are a family law firm in Chicago and can help you in your divorce case.

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