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Trucks are involved in thousands of accidents each year, and the kind of accidents involving trucks (semi-trucks, vans, dump trucks, fire engines, and tractor trailers) can be intense because of the measure of the vehicles involved and the potential danger of what the truck may carry. Because of the huge size and weight of these vehicles, crashes that involve trucks frequently cause genuine injuries and fatalities to individuals in smaller passenger vehicles. Another significant distinction between an auto accident and an accident involving a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer is that the truck is usually claimed by a company like Hepworth Holzer, either large or small. The legislature has created more laws to make trucking safer and to lessen the danger of accidents, and trucking companies have increased safety methodology, training, and awareness for their trucking staff; be that as it may, because of the growing number of trucks on the road, the quantity of truck accidents has increased. Individuals involved in a truck accident could be qualified for compensation, and there are presently many lawyers who are knowledgeable about dealing with truck accident claims. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member is involved in an accident involving a truck, you ought to obtain the following information as soon as safely conceivable after the accident: § A duplicate of the police report, including the report number and the name of the investigating officer(s) § License plate number of all vehicles involved § Any company names or identification information on the cab and trailer § Driver information including name, driver’s permit number, and insurance information § Insurance information for the truck and trailer proprietor § Length of slip marks if unmistakable § The state of the truck’s tires § Road conditions at the season of the accident § Names and contact information of any witnesses § Names and contact information of anyone taking pictures or questioning witnesses/participants In addition to gathering the above information: § Take photographs of all vehicles involved and of the scene of the accident (if conceivable) § Seek medical attention at once § Obtain a duplicate of your medical examination report § Contact a truck accident attorney on the double You ought to also know about what not to do if involved in a truck accident: § Do not make statements without first discussing the situation with an attorney. In the event that asked to give a statement to police, just state particular facts. Try not to state opinions or accept duty regarding the accident § Do not sign anything other than the police report (after altogether reading it) Federal laws that represent the trucking industry are not the same as automobile laws, and these distinctions drastically change the way an accident is handled. You require somebody on your side that understands the multifaceted nature of trucking law and is prepared to battle to get you the compensation you merit. Hepworth Holzer is a Boise based personal injury law firm. 

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