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What is the main job of a racial discrimination attorney?


A Pasadena racial discrimination attorney is responsible for representing individuals who believe they have been the victims of race-based discrimination. This may include filing lawsuits, interacting with government agencies, and negotiating settlements. In some cases, a racial discrimination attorney may also provide support and legal guidance to organizations or groups that are working to address issues of racial discrimination.


How can you prove racial discrimination happened to you?


There are a few ways to demonstrate that racial discrimination occurred. This may include showing that you were treated differently than other employees or applicants of a different race, that you were subjected to slurs or comments based on your race, or that you were denied opportunities because of your race. Additionally, it may be helpful to have witnesses who can attest to the discrimination that occurred. Contact Romero Law, APC an employment law firm in Pasadena to help you build a strong racial discrimination case.


What are the possible outcomes of a racial discrimination case in Pasadena?


The possible outcomes of a racial discrimination case will depend on the specific facts and circumstances of the case. In some cases, the court may order the employer to cease discriminatory practices and provide compensation to the victim. In other cases, the court may dismiss the case if it finds that the discrimination did not occur.


What are some common defenses to a racial discrimination claim?


There are a few common defenses to a racial discrimination claim. One is that the employer had a legitimate reason for the action taken, such as a qualifications-based hiring decision.

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