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There is no instance when domestic violence is ever acceptable. If you are the victim of domestic abuse in Los Angeles, know that this is not your fault, and you are not to blame, as well as this is nothing something you have to take. There are many resources that you can use to get out of this situation and that it is never too late to seek help and assistance. Domestic violence is not just physical abuse, it can also be financial abuse, social abuse, spiritual abuse, verbal abuse, and even sexual abuse. If you believe that you have been a victim to any kinds of abuse, please be sure to reach out and get legal help. Land Legal Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles who do not tolerate any sort of domestic abuse and will help you through this traumatic time.  You do not have to stay a victim and you do not have to take this constant abuse, Land Legal Group can also help you get access to other kinds of resources.


Both men and women can be the victims of domestic violence. Both genders can harmed by this type of abuse, and both deserve to get help and to seek legal action if needed. Know that if you are a man who has been abused by your partner that your Los Angeles domestic violence attorney will not judge you, they will treat your case as any other domestic violence case they would get. No one deserves to go through abuse or violence. The moment you can you should be seeking help to get you out of this horrible situation.

Written by on September 19th, 2022