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while some accidents are caused due to natural calamities many accidents are due to carelessness, negligence of a company or person. In these cases you need to contact a Portland accident attorney. In some cases, a person may try to harm a person he hates, and then falsely claim it was an accident to avoid facing any punishment for the harm caused. However, the accident can adversely affect the life of the victim and make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life. Hence accident victims in Portland should contact a reliable and experienced Portland personal injury law firm like Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman so that they get the compensation they deserve.

Often the person or business responsible for the accident will try to avoid paying compensation to the victim and try to blame the victim. Hence it is important to ensure that the law firm hired is extremely competent and ensures that those who caused the accident do not manipulate the accident details to avoid compensating the victim.

Written by admin3 on December 5th, 2019