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The problem of controlling gun crime includes many issues such as whether restrictions are lawful under the constitution, and whether gun control actually helps control the crime. The Federal laws regulate the sale, purchase, possession and distribution of the guns. While the crimes have occurred, most of the gun owners follow the Federal and State laws. However, some others are charged with serious gun crimes.
The violation of the gun laws is a very serious crime. In most of the cases, the mandatory sentence of thirteen years to life sentence apply. Besides, any other type of crime committed with the use of a licensed gun aggravates lengthy punishment. At Kestenbaum Law Group, the gun crime defense lawyers are dedicated to defending the rights of the clients charged with gun crime laws. We offer professional service to clients facing the gun related charges. Gun crime is a very serious issue and consulting Kestenbaum Law Group criminal lawyers in Los Angeles can help a lot in handling such cases.

Written by on April 11th, 2016