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What does a criminal defense lawyer do?


 Criminal defense lawyers protect their clients rights that are criminalized by the U.S. criminal justice system.


A criminal defense lawyer defends individual freedoms and liberties like all other lawyers, but they may be more willing to undermine some of society's legal norms for the sake of representing their client. Washington D.C. criminal defense attorneys represent criminal defendants in criminal cases; many criminal cases go to trial and criminal defense lawyers will be present at criminal trials as counsel for defendants.


Criminal defense attorneys may also assist clients involved in criminal investigations or criminal charges in Washington D.C., such as drivers charged with DUI; white-collar crimes; gun crimes; domestic violence;  drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter;  allegations against police officers; forfeiture proceedings; appeals; and parallel civil litigation.


Criminal defense lawyers gather evidence, interview potential witnesses, write briefs of cases pending in criminal courts, argue to judges regarding the admissibility of statements made by defendants. They also negotiate criminal plea bargains with district attorneys on behalf of their clients, and often draft criminal "not guilty" pleas that may read more like a legal brief than an actual confession of innocence. Lotze Mosley LLP Washington D.C. criminal defense law firm has experience in this.


Criminal defense attorneys are criminal trial lawyers who are trained to represent criminal defendants in criminal cases. They have the general responsibility of defending their clients' rights criminalized by the U.S. criminal justice system, including criminal investigations, criminal charges, criminal trials and criminal appeals. Criminal defense lawyers are usually private attorneys who are hired by defendants to represent them in criminal cases.

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