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The law has clear rules concerning drugs crimes. Whether it is trafficking, producing and even possession the law makes clear indications of the consequences. Federal drug charges result in longer sentences in prison unlike the state drug charges which are much narrower and can lead to probation. Gurovich, Berk and associates can help you solve all your drug crimes when you need an attorney.

The most serious drug crime for the federal law is trafficking. If a person faces this crime they can spend anywhere from three years in prison to life. This is where people transport drugs to other destinations. Possession of the drugs is not such a serious crime depending on the amount that you are in possession. Dealing is also considered a serious crime where the person is dealing large amounts. The charges are according to the amount of the drugs. Paraphernalia is where people conceal drugs as other products. The manufacturer faces charges and even possible jail term if caught.

If either you or your loved one have a drug crime issue, you can get a drug crime attorney from Gurovich, Berk and associates for help.

Written by admin3 on January 6th, 2016