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federal drug crimes laws   no comments

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The law has clear rules concerning drugs crimes. Whether it is trafficking, producing and even possession the law makes clear indications of the consequences. Federal drug charges result in longer sentences in prison unlike the state drug charges which are much narrower and can lead to probation. Gurovich, Berk and associates can help you solve all your drug crimes when you need an attorney.

The most serious drug crime for the federal law is trafficking. If a person faces this crime they can spend anywhere from three years in prison to life. This is where people transport drugs to other destinations. Possession of the drugs is not such a serious crime depending on the amount that you are in possession. Dealing is also considered a serious crime where the person is dealing large amounts. The charges are according to the amount of the drugs. Paraphernalia is where people conceal drugs as other products. The manufacturer faces charges and even possible jail term if caught.

If either you or your loved one have a drug crime issue, you can get a drug crime attorney from Gurovich, Berk and associates for help.

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Divorce Laws in United States – Simplifying the Rules and Procedures   no comments

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Divorce laws in the United States allow for the dissolution of marriage on various grounds. Couples can get divorced due to incompatible differences or an incurable and serious mental illness.
The United States law on divorce requires the couple to first file for divorce. In the state of California, divorce can only be granted if both the parties are the permanent resident of the state at the time of filing the application. As a matter of fact, this law applies in almost all the states of the country.
It is mandatory for husband and wife to live separately in order to have the file granted. The petition for divorce must declare the appropriate grounds on which the divorce is being sought. The appropriate ground will only be that which the couple agree upon or that which they desire to prove in the court. The aim of the judgement of divorce when it becomes final is to restore both the parties to the state of unmarried persons. For legal advice and assistance, feel free to contact Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino, CA

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Business Immigration   no comments

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Due to the globalization of different economies around the word, competition between business organizations has risen. As a result, the need for foreign talented and professional workforce has heightened as well. The whole process may not be easy though; presently there are lots of immigration laws and policies set by different states making the process to be challenging. This is where business immigration law firms become of help; they are always abreast with these changing regulations helping most businesses to mobilize the foreign workforce needed efficiently.

Considering all these factors, Chung, Malhas &Mantel, PLLC is deemed fit for the task. The staff has all that is needed in hiring and transferring foreign nationals. The best firm should ensure their customers have the most potent managers, executives, professionals, performing artists and investors among other vital performers in a business. Apt advice on how to handle long-term and short-term visa strategies for the immigrants should be provided as well. All in all, the optimum goal is to let business organizations be aware of all immigration laws that would enable them to adjust to them for their convenience. Chung, Malhas &Mantel, PLLC will help you greatly in this.

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Law Office of Joyce Holcomb; The Child Support Specialists   no comments

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If you have ever passed through a child support case, then you understand how distressful the entire procedure can be. Ideally, there is a myriad of factors that courts will weigh to reach a conclusion on child support. Some of these factors include your self-employment income, gaming winning, and employment income and much more. Having an experienced attorney, therefore, is critical in ensuring that you get the best results for your case. Child support laws in California are long and complicated and may bore you easily.

If you are stuck in your child support case, then you can get reliable assistance from an experienced attorney from Law Office of Joyce Holcomb. Here, they keep all your interests in mind, and this enables us to offer highly tailored solutions that match your individual case. They understand that all cases involving children can be disturbing for both parties involved and this is why they are available to make the process work out right for you. Call them for a consultation or any other child support related case.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit   no comments

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Wrongful Death is defined as the death of a person resulting from wrongful act / acts by some other person or persons. Wrongful acts include negligence, assault, battery, murder or manslaughter.A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the person or persons or an organization accountable for the death, by the family members of the victim or other beneficiaries. A wrongful death lawsuit is different from criminal charges, and in no way affects the other. Wrongful death statutes were introduced to provide financial support to the family members of the deceased. A child is entitled to the financial support as a compensation that he / she would have received if his / her father would be alive, while a minor. A wife is entitled to the lifetime of financial support her husband would have provided. The statute also encourages people to be careful and prevent injuries.

Caruso Law Offices, PC is a wrongful death law firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that specializes in filing lawsuits for brain and personal injuries, auto and truck accidents and wrongful death.

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