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If you are getting a divorce and it is uncontested you do not need to hire an attorney. Even though you do not need an attorney, it is extremely valuable to hire a lawyer even in an uncontested divorce. A Torrance divorce lawyer would not be too expensive and would not be for a long time during an uncontested divorce, but they would help the process move along. Any minor mistakes in a divorce can cause them to go on even longer, making having a lawyer even in a simple divorce be very useful. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a family law firm in Torrance who have helped couples with contested and uncontested divorces. They are a good law firm to go with if you are thinking of going with a lawyer to help the divorce process.


If you are on the fence on if you need a lawyer or not, you can always set up an initial consultation with a Torrance lawyer to see if it would be something that would add value. They would then plead their case and tell you how they could benefit you or what you would be doing on your own. From there you can decide if it would make most sense to make the process more simple, or you can determine if you better off handling this alone. Sometimes it’s better to have someone along with you than to handle it alone. The Torrance family law firm, The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro will be worth the extra effort of hiring a lawyer. They can also help you if your divorce ends up becoming complicated, and then they are already in your corner.

Written by on May 9th, 2022